What are the other uses of Ativan, apart from its use as an Anti-Anxiety drug?

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Ativan, (generically known as lorazepam), since its entry into the market as an anti-anxiety pill, have been helping people to come out of anxiety disorders like Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attack etc. The usage of this drug is recommended for a period above 4-6 weeks as per rules coined by FDA, so, make sure that you do not use it above the recommended duration, as set by your doctor. Apart from helping people as an anti-anxiety drug, Ativan can be used in many other ways which people do not link Ativan with. These uses of Ativan might be unusual for some people who is hearing or reading for the first time, but has been found to be effective.

Ativan uses as a quick response to agitated sleep

ativan box in a handApart from dealing with anxiety, Ativan is used as a quick response to agitated sleep. Ativan has a sedative property, which would help the user to skip into sleep without much effects from the causes of agitation. The intended usage is as a sleep medicine is meant for a very short duration, usually after a broken sleep pattern, a journey, or any activity which might disturb your sleep cycle. If the patient suffers from insomnia, still Ativan comes to the rescue in the first place, which could help the user to overcome the difficulties during sleeping.

Ativan as a pre-medication aid

Certain characteristics of Ativan like having the ability to reduce agitation, lower anxiety levels and preventing any memory formation etc. make them a perfect candidate for pre-medication. Before a surgery, to reduce the amount of anesthesia required for the patients, they are usually pre-medicated with Ativan. They have also found their way into dentistry, in order to keep the patient calm during the dentistry procedures. They are also used before endoscopic procedure,in order to compensate the unpleasant wake-up scenario. They are administered both orally and intravenously as pre-medication. Another pre-medication usage is their advantage in replacing midazolam in the palliative sedation. They are used as amnesia agent (to prevent unpleasant memory formation), to induce anxiolysis (anti- anxiety) and hypnosis (sleep) in Intensive Care unit (ICU).

Other AtivanĀ uses

Lorazepam IV is used as the first line of treatment in status epileptics (a form of seizure). Other than that, it is also used as an anticonvulsant and its pharmacokinetic properties make them a perfect candidate to stop uncountable seizures. They are also used in preventive medication as an initial aid, but not used after that due to its habit forming tendency.

Another notable use of Ativan is to treat the alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Their anticonvulsant property and central nervous system depressant property is exploited here to suppress the urge to consume alcohol. Another advantage of using Ativan for treating Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is that, they do not cause any damage to the liver,as they do not require any oxidation step in order to get activated. Other than that, Ativan is used in chemotherapy to prevent nausea and vomiting, resulting in a side effect of heavy doses of the drugs.