Top differences between Ativan 1mg and Xanax 1mg

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Ativan 1mg and Xanax 1mg are widely used medications to treat anxiety disorder. If you are a victim of anxiety condition then there are chances that your doctor would prescribe you with Ativan 1mg or Xanax 1 mg. Let us look at its uses, dosage strengths, brand, and generic names as well as the difference in price between Ativan vs Xanax.

Based on its uses

Ativan 1mg- this medication can be administered to the patients who are suffering from anxiety and it is also given as a preoperative sedative. Ativan 1mg can be taken by people who are at least at the age of 12.

Xanax 1mg- this drug is used to treat patients with medical ailments like anxiety disorder and panic disorder. If you are above 18 years then Xanax 1mg can be taken.

Based on formulations

images of ativan 1 mg tablet and xanax 1 mg tabletAtivan 1mg- this anti-anxiety medication is available in different formulations that can be taken orally, intravenous, intramuscular, orally disintegrating tablets and transdermal.
Xanax 1mg- this medication is available as an extended-release as well as immediate release tablets. The extended-release version of Xanax 1 mg would take some time to act on the medical ailment but it stays in the body for a longer period after it starts to produce effects. On the other hand, immediate release tablets can be taken by patients who require instant effectiveness on the condition but would wear off from the body very soon.

Based on brand and generic version

Just like other drugs, Ativan 1mg and Xanax 1 mg are available in the brand as well as generic version. The generic name of Ativan 1mg would be commonly known as Lorazepam whereas Alprazolam is the popular generic version of Xanax 1mg.
Different Xanax 1mg brand names are Alprocontin, Alprax, Pacyl, Niravam, Zolam, and Helex.Ativan 1mg too has many brand names and they are Tavor and Temesta.
These are the names in which these anti-anxiety medications are available in the market. The name might be changed depending on the country you belong to.

Based on price difference between Xanax and Ativan

There are few factors that determine the price of anxiety drug. Xanax 1mg and Ativan 1mg are used by many people across the world. In some countries, the medication might be cheap whereas in other countries the medication is expensive. There would be a huge difference if you order Ativan 1mg or Xanax 1mg from offline or online pharmacies.
The price of brand Ativan 1mg in an offline pharmacy would cost you up to $1600 for 60 tablets. The price of Ativan 1mg in a reputed online pharmacy would be around $ 500 for 60 pills.

One can save money using online pharmacy for your medication needs as Ativan 1mg in an offline pharmacy would cost you on average of $ 500 for 60 pills. The price of Ativan 1mg in an online pharmacy would cost around $80 for 60 pills.

The rate of Xanax 1mg brand in an offline pharmacy is $800 dollar for 60 pills but only $400 in an online pharmacy. The cost of Xanax 1mg generic in an offline pharmacy is $ 300 but only $85 in an online pharmacy.