Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers all information obtained from the user by the site or its affiliates in the event of access to the site, services, products and programs by the user for respective reasons.

Usage of this site conveys the complete support of the user to this privacy policy and agreement to the terms on which the personal information of the user is processed. Upon disagreement of any of the points stated in the privacy policy, the user should stop using the site and its services immediately.

Processing of the Personal information received from Users

  • Abiding by the framework of this policy, Personal information refers to the following:
    • Personal information signifies the information provided by the user during the time of registration on the site which might include name, password and email id. Other information provided by the user is solely at his/her discretion. However, mandatory information like the name is collected at any cost.
    • Certain data is collected automatically once the user visits the site as in the software installed on the device, IP address, cookie information, browser information, time of access and the requested page’s address.
    • Other information pertaining to the data collected is mentioned in the documents of the individual services.
  • This policy can be applied only to this site and the site does not hold any responsibility towards third party sites or links present on this site. Such sites might collect or request other personal information as well, for which we cannot be held responsible at any cost.
  • In general, the information presented by the user is not verified for its reliability. However, it is assumed that the user provides reliable personal information based on the queries in the registration form and that the information is correct and up to date.

Objectives for Collection and the Processing of Personal Information

  • Data is stored and collected just for the provision of services as mentioned in the execution of contracts and agreements.
  • The user’s personal information is used for these purposes:
  • Identification of the particular body;
  • Offering the user with some customized services
  • Establishing communication with the user in the form of mail and notifications about the services and the provision
  • Development of the site based on suggestions and improvising the user experience with new features and services
  • Marking advertising materials
  • Co-coordinating statistical studies based on personal information

Conditions for the processing of Personal data and its transfer to Third Parties

  • The information is stored in accordance with the regulations of the services.
  • The user’s information is kept confidential except for cases where the user voluntarily displays the user information to get connected to an unlimited number of people. In those cases, the user is liable to agree that a certain part of the personal information becomes publicly visible.
  • The right and criteria to transfer personal information to other third parties are
  • The user agreeing to such action at his/her own discretion
  • The transfer becomes mandatory at the event of the user expressing the desire to access a particular service or provision.
  • Such transfers are possible at the time of sale or during the transfer of business and all obligations comply with this policy terms pertaining to the personal information obtained by the acquirer.
  • To ensure the rights and legal interests of the third parties are protected when a user abuses the User Agreement of the site.

Modifying the user’s personal data

  • The user can modify personal information at any point of time, as well as edit the privacy settings using the edit option.
  • The specific personal information presented within the account can be deleted by the user.

Protection of Personal Information

  • The site promises to take necessary, legal, organizational and technical steps to protect the user’s personal data from unauthorized access that could lead to destruction, modification, copy, infringement, distribution, along with other illegal actions performed by third parties.

Change of Privacy Policy

The site has complete freedom and rights to amend the privacy policy as per its convenience and the changes made to the old version will be updated with the date. The users are responsible to check the privacy policy upon revision so that they extend their agreement for the same. The new policy comes into force once the replacement is done on the site.