Ativan contains the active ingredient Lorazepam and is used in relieving the symptoms of anxiety such as mollifying the panic attacks. Anxiety triggered due to depression can also find effective solutions with Ativan.

Xanax, on the other hand, comprises of the active molecule alprazolam and is also used in the management of anxiety disorders. Both these drugs are characterized as benzodiazepine group of drugs but employ different ingredients while working for the same outcome of treating anxiety disorders originating from a multitude of factors.

Is Ativan stronger than Xanax?

ativan and xanax tablet pack with better than notificationAtivan tablets are known to be slightly milder compared to Xanax. For the treatment of anxiety, an initial dose of 2 to 6 mg/day is prescribed to most patients. The dose can even be increased to 10 mg/day. So in the days when patients feel like they need a heavier dose, they consume the pill 4 times a day rather than the usual three intervals.

Xanax, however, should be initiated with a dose of 0.25 to 0.5 mg and can only be increased to a maximum dose of 4 mg/day. Taking a dose higher than this leads to aggravation of side effects and these side effects can be unpredictable at times and be mistaken for an illness. Hence either of these pills should be taken with due recommendations from the doctor.

So which is better? Ativan vs Xanax. The truth is both these pills were proven to be very effective in their functionality. But the suitability of the pills varies from person to person depending on their body type and the medical conditions they are currently afflicted with. Some people might be allergic to the ingredients in Ativan and they would be suggested to use Xanax or vice versa.  So, approaching a medical professional will help to ease the confusion people face in buying Ativan or Xanax.

Is mixing Ativan and Xanax together safe?

Although both these pills treat the same condition they should never be taken together. It might cause the pills to not perform their functions well and in the worst case, it might even lead to dangerous drug interactions triggering a variety of side effects. If needed, it is more beneficial to take a stronger dose of Ativan rather than taking Ativan in conjunction with Xanax. If you suffer from a drug interaction consult a doctor or a pharmacist and discuss with them about any unusual symptoms or changes that you notice in the body. Take Ativan only in the dosage stipulated by the doctor as higher dosage can also put you in the jeopardy of side effects.