Can You Give Ativan For Dogs?

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Yes, you can give Ativan for dogs but only with the proper veterinary approval. Anxiety conditions in canines could be finding out by their activities like claw the wall this might happen due to separation from their owners. This drug is an approved drug for treating anxiety disorder in humans. So, most would question like can dogs take Ativan?  Yes, they can take this pill as this medicine has been proved as the best anti-anxiety medication in both humans as well as pets like dogs and cats. The generic version of this pill is Lorazepam. Most vet doctors have found that this drug is the better solution for dogs with depression or anxiety condition and many other health conditions. Lorazepam can also be given for dog’s seizure.ativan pills box with a dog

How safe is Ativan for dogs?

Ativan is safe for dogs when it is given under the proper direction. If the dog has some other health-related problem such as liver disease, or kidney problem then this won’t be safe. The experienced veterinarian would know the correct way of treating the animals with Ativan. Without the doctor’s approval, you should not try to give this drug to your dog. They would take the blood samples of canine and let you know whether this drug would not give any negative effects to your pet.

How much Ativan is safe?

As long as you are giving this medication with the prescribed dosages along with the regular check-up Ativan is safer for dogs.

Recommended Ativan Dosage for dogs:

The Ativan dosage for dogs is decided by the veterinary doctor. It is not good to increase the strength on your own at any cost. Only the doctors would increase the dosage strength. This would differ for each dog depends on many factors such as age, body condition, acceptance of the medication, history of health conditions, weight and the severity of depression and anxiety problem.

The ideal dosage strength is 0.02 mg per pound at the interval of 12 hours. Max dosage of lorazepam for dogs would be decided by medical experts based on the acceptance of the medication.

Avoid stopping giving this medication suddenly as it would give very serious withdrawal symptoms. It is advised to stop this pill in a slow process.


  • It is not good to give this medication to the pregnant dogs. It would affect the fetus.
  • Avoid mixing this anti-anxiety pill with any other drugs while in taking, because this drug interaction would result in severe side effects.

Other uses of Lorazepam for dogs:

According to the recent research,

  • Dogs with epileptic,
  • Phobias for sudden noise or disturbance due to Vacuum cleaner, and
  • Also with abnormal behavioral changes.

Ativan Side effects in dogs:

Similar to humans, dogs would also have side effects when taking this drug. Those are listed below,

  • Increased appetite.
  • Loss of weight,
  • Aggression,
  • Tired,
  • Drowsiness,

It is better to get your doctor’s help as soon you have noticed any of the above side effects of Ativan for dogs.