xanax 0.5 box and ativan 2mg boxAtivan and Xanax are some of the most potent anti-anxiety pills available in the pharma world today and many people have witnessed drastic transformations in their life. Anxiety is an inevitable part of everyone’s lives as each person experiences some degree of anxiety at some point in their life. But when the anxiety reaches a state where it is causing great distraction in career, relationships and social situations then it needs immediate attention. With medical sciences making rapid advancements, this ailment has many effective solutions and that is where anti-anxiety pills come into the picture. In this article, we attempt to compare Ativan and Xanax and see which one fares better.

Commonalities between Ativan and Xanax

Both these pills are classified as benzodiazepine group of drugs that basically work on the central nervous system to alleviate an assortment of medical conditions. Their main role is to balance the neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain and produce a desirable result. In most cases, they are known to slow down the activity of the brain and as a result produce a calming effect.

Both these medications are only intended for short-term use as using them for longer duration will make the body to be dependent on the medicine. This is even more likely to happen when the patient is associated with a history of drug abuse. The risk of physical dependency also increases with age and hence older people are usually given a milder dose of benzodiazepines.

Neither of these drugs should be used by pregnant women as it is known to cause damage to the developing baby. But both of these medicines display comparable benefits and each one has a distinguishing feature of its own. But once you buy lorazepam online overnight, taking Ativan and Xanax together is very dangerous as it can lead you to an overdose.

Specialty: Ativan vs Xanax

Although both these medications can be effectively used for short-term relief from anxiety or depression triggered due to anxiety disorder, the function of these medicines is not limited to these conditions. Their potential to cure can be extended to many other health adversities.

Ativan can be used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, irritable behavioral tendencies, insomnia, mild or acute seizures that are recurring in nature and maniac depression. Other than for anxiety, Xanax can be administered for conditions such as tinnitus, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and shivers. Ativan should be used in adults who are over 12 years old whereas Xanax should only be used for adults who are over 18 years old. The main difference between both is their interaction with other drugs and their side effects.

Why is Ativan compared to Xanax? Which is better for anxiety?

Although both Ativan and Xanax were clinically proven to be effective in the management of acute anxiety disorders and panic attack, Ativan is mostly regarded as a milder drug compared to Xanax. Many users reported that Xanax medicine made them extremely sleepy. So in this aspect, it is better to consume Ativan to feel less drowsy. Moreover, due to it milder nature the intensity of ativan’s side effects will also be relatively lower compared to Xanax.

Ativan reaches the peak level in the blood within 30 minutes of consumption and Xanax takes 1 to 2 hours to reach the peak level. Hence due to its relatively fast onset of action, Ativan can be used in crisis situations.

Dosages: Ativan vs Xanax

Ativan is the brand name for the drug Lorazepam and Xanax is the brand name for the drug Alprazolam. Both Ativan and Xanax have dispensed in orally consumable tablets but Xanax is manufactured in two different versions which are immediate release and extended release. Ativan oral tablets come in the quantity of 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg and Xanax pills are available in the dosage strengths of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg. Xanax extended-release tablets also come in 3 mg dosages in addition to aforementioned dosage strengths.

Both these drugs cannot be availed without a doctor’s prescription and should strictly be used based on the stipulations from the physician without getting deviated from the dosage strength or the duration of the dose. A doctor would only recommend buy Ativan online cheap after their suitability has been established by various diagnostic tests or by carefully checking the patient’s medical history. Treatment with these drugs should not be continued more than 2 months.

What you should not do while taking these medications

The usage of these medications should not be discontinued abruptly. It is extremely critical that you do not buy Ativan without prescription and use it without a doctor’s guidance. The dose should be reduced gradually because of the nature of mechanism of work of these two medicines. If you have been taking the medicine for longer than 2 weeks, the dose can be lowered by 0.5 mg for every 3 days.